Creating a quiz

Classroom admin can create a quiz in the classroom using the β€œAdd quiz” button. The admin can select the topic of the quiz from the existing ones or can create a new one as well.

The admin can choose the exam also for which the quiz is being created. For example JEE, NEET, etc. accordingly the sections will be created. After this also, you can add/remove sections.

You can also publish a quiz to your other classrooms. This option can be found in advanced settings while creating the quiz. Also the admin can determine how many attempts the user can make for a quiz.

Quiz availability can be set to a specific time window. When set, the users will be able to start the quiz only in that time window. By default, it is set to always so the users can start quizzes anytime.

Under security options we have a lot to offer. Admin has the option to set the quiz in full screen through which tab or browser change is detected and the user will be penalized accordingly. The admin can also disallow resuming the quiz.

There is an option to randomize the order of the questions for every quiz taker. Also, there is an option to randomize options of multiple choice questions for every quiz taker.

Proctor -When this setting is enabled, we take permission to access the camera and microphone and while the user is attempting the quiz, all the movements are monitored. It detects if any other device is being used or if there are multiple people around the user etc.

The admin can configure whether feedback should be shown to the member after the quiz attempt.

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