MS Teams integration

Explore how Teams can help you and your colleagues come together no matter where you are:

  • Chat - Message someone or a group to talk about work, projects, or just for fun.

  • Teams - Create a team and channels to gather people together and work in focused spaces with conversations and files.

  • Calendar - Connect with people before, during, and after a meeting so prep and follow-up are easy to find. This Team's calendar syncs with your Outlook one.

  • Apps - Find familiar apps and explore new ones to simplify, customize, and manage how you work.

Follow the below steps to integrate MS Teams in your classroom -

  • Click on “teams” in the very left column.

  • Then, click on “Your Teams” in the second column from the left side of the screen and select a team and a channel.

  • If you have not created a team yet, create a new one by clicking on the “Join or create a team” at the bottom of the same column.

  • Now, click on (...) “More options” in the top right corner of the screen and choose “Connectors”.

  • A pop-up window will come up. Select All from the Category section in the left panel, find “Incoming Webhook”, and click the “Add” button to add Incoming Webhook.

  • Then, fill out the form and head over to the “create” button.

  • The final step is to copy the URL

  • Navigate to the app extension section of the classroom and click on the “Add to the classroom” button against the Teams app

  • Paste the copied Webhook URL, add the channel name and click on add button

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